The following information is intended to assist you with the application process. You must submit all forms to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). Be sure to keep copies for your own records. In addition, you must be familiar with Texas Parks and Wildlife Code (Chapter 43, Subchapter L) and Texas Administrative Code (§65.601 - §65.613) PRIOR to application for permit. Should you have any questions, please contact the Deer Breeder Program Office at 512-389-4585.

a. Deer Breeder Permit Application

The application must be completed in its entirety online. Only one person can be the named applicant. Permits are not issued to multiple individuals and they are not transferable.

b. Facility Plat/Diagram

The plat is a physical layout of the facility which should identify:

  • individual enclosures, and the dimension and size (sq. ft. or acres) of each enclosure;
  • approximate location of feeding and watering devices within each enclosure;
  • approximate location of man-made and/or natural shelters; and
  • additional information the applicant deems pertinent (i.e. location of gates, etc.)

c. Certified Wildlife Biologist Form and Letter of Endorsement

The biologist must complete the enclosed verification form. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department regulations REQUIRE that the wildlife biologist perform an on-site inspection. The letter of endorsement must be on professional or company letterhead and must, at the minimum, state the following:

  • the facility meets the requirements set forth in the Texas Administrative Code, §65.605
  • the facility identified in the application allows breeder deer adequate access to food, shade and/or shelter, and water
  • the facility identified in the application is fully constructed and functional
  • additional information the biologist deems pertinent (i.e., recommendations for improvement to the facilities, predator protection measures, etc.).

The wildlife biologist must not be employed by TPWD and must meet the criteria outlined in §65.601(3)(a-b) of the Texas Administrative Code. The verification form does not replace the required letter of endorsement from the biologist. Both the verification form and the letter of endorsement must be sent by mail to Texas Parks and Wildlife. More information on sending in this paperwork will be displayed once the online application form has been submitted.

d. Application Processing Fee: A $200.00 processing fee is required

Please submit a check, money order or cashier’s check, made payable to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department or pay online with credit card (Visa, MC, Discover). This application processing fee is non-refundable. Temporary checks, post-date checks, and checks without signatures will not be accepted (i.e., the Deer Breeder Permit Office will not receive your application).

Applications are processed in the order received. Please note that all deer breeder permits issued are only valid from date of issuance until the immediately following June 30th.